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Brits Have Less Sex Due to Latest Technologies

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New research shows that Brits are losing out on sex because they would rather spend time in bed on their tablets, laptops or phones.

Social networking and the growth of handheld devices have been revealed as the reasons behind a shift in the bedtime habits of Brits, according to a nationwide report published today.

Nearly half of those questioned spend up to 90 minutes on laptops, tablets and smartphones from between the sheets, pushing the average time they fall asleep back to midnight, compared to an average of 10:30pm ten years ago.

This extra time online is having a knock on effect on the nation's nookie, with fifteen per cent of adults admitting that using the latest gadgets in bed has led to them having less sex.

The study by comparison site broadbandchoices.co.uk also found that Brits are now going to sleep up to an hour and a half later because they're surfing the net and chatting on Facebook in bed.

The trend for 'Bedtime Browsing' means the average Brit is sleeping for seven and a half hours less than ten years ago during a working week – that's a staggering 360 hours a year less, as the influence of hand-held broadband technology creeps into the nation's bedrooms.

The favourite online nocturnal activity for 25% of the population is browsing the web, while 15 per cent choose to catch up on their favourite TV shows with on-demand TV services. One in ten chat to friends and family on social networks before turning out the light.

Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert from broadbandchoices, said, "We're not surprised people are turning on for the night, rather than turning in. Broadband has become an essential utility - with so much entertainment available online and so many devices with which to enjoy it, people are using every minute of their free time to get online."

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that under '30s are the most active on social networks in bed, with 67 per cent of those questioned tweeting and updating Facebook from under the covers.

Under '20s are most likely to use a smartphone at bedtime, with 25 per cent browsing the net on their handheld device.

Debbie Fox, 28, from Essex, said, "I often work late and by the time I've got home and had something to eat I've usually missed anything that I might have wanted to watch on TV and it's too late to call my friends.

"I always end up taking my laptop and phone to bed with me and make the most of all that's available online in the comfort of my bed – I can see what my friends have been up to and watch catch up TV when it suits me."

Dominic continued, "There has been an explosion of broadband providers over the last 10 years and services are improving all the time, which has contributed to an 'online all the time' culture. However, 24-hour connectivity needn't cost the earth. Make sure you are not overpaying for your broadband by using an Ofcom-accredited comparison site to check the deals available in your postcode and regularly switching."

Not surprisingly the survey also revealed that the traditional pre-slumber pastime of reading is still the most popular with the over '60s, with nearly half of those questioned settling down with good old fashioned paper book before the lights go out.

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