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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release eminent as its predecessor, Surface Pro 3, recently received $150 off

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surface pro 4 will come soon

We believe – based on clues and industry experts – that Microsoft is planning to release its Surface Pro 4 along with or soon after the public release of Windows 10, and now new price cuts on few Surface Pro 3 models further strengthen the belief that a new slate from Microsoft might be on its way.

Microsoft may be hinting what you should get yours father or husband on Father's Day this weekend as it slashed up to $150 off the Surface Pro 3 tablet-laptop hybrid. The company has offered numerous discounts for Surface Pro 3 in the past months to keep consumers interested in the device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 rumored release date is in July 29 at the release of Windows 10 operating system. However, Microsoft has not announced the official launch of the device, but discounts on the predecessor is a clear hint on the imminent release of the device's successor.

Secondly, Windows 10 is being pegged as an operating system that will effectively run on all platforms – laptops, tablets and even phones. OEMs have already been planning to launch Windows 10 powered laptops ever since Microsoft started releasing the preview version of Windows 10. As far as tablets go, Microsoft would want to bank on its own product to showcase the power of its Windows 8.1 successor and the logical choice would be Surface Pro 4.

Third, Surface Pro 3 was released just about a year ago in the US and its about time that a worthy successor is launched. Surface Pro 3 is a great tablet and in a recent tablet speed race carried out by Which?, it has been rated the best tablet even leaving behind Apple iPad Air 2. With Surface Pro 3 delivering its promise, a successor powered by Windows 10 – which has already made waves in the OS world – is something that Microsoft would want to cash-in on.

Fourth, Windows 10 public launch is one of the most anticipated events and what could be a better stage to showcase a portable device with top-notch hardware specifications when the whole world is watching.

Surface Pro 4 Hardware Specifications

Rumours about the hardware specifications of Surface Pro 4 have been floating for a while now and a gist of them is as follows:

Surface Pro 4 is likely to pack a whopping 16GB of RAM; differing storage options starting 128GB through to 1 terrabyte (TB); Intel's Core M Broadwell or Skylake processor; Microsoft's upcoming Holo Lens; 12-inch display with 2160 x 1440 pixels of display resolution; 8-megapixel rear camera and a 3.5 MP front-facing camera.

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