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Most Famous Casinos in Las Vegas

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"The limits of my language are the limits of my world." ——Ludwig Wittgenstein

Las Vegas, in Nevada, USA, is renowned for the number of casinos and slot machines available. There are reported to be around 122 casinos in total, a number of which are described below.

Caesars Palace

This is one of the world's most famous casinos! The gaming area here is so vast that it is made up of two wings: one for high-stakes players and the other for people who wish to play for smaller stakes (which can still be relatively big). The latter wing is known as the Olympic Casino. You will find a selection of blackjack tables, roulette, video poker and over 2,000 slot machines at the renowned Caesars Palace.

The Venetian

The Venetian is a beautifully designed casino offering Renaissance-style ddcor along with over 2,500 slots and other gambling machines. This casino has 'Mega jackpots' slot machines, where people have been known to win jackpots of over $30 million. The ceiling at the Venetian is adorned with stunning art frescoes.

Flamingo Las Vegas

The famous gangster, Bugsy Siegel, is renowned to have opened this casino over five decades ago. Players will go here to enjoy a large and varied selection of slot and video poker machines, together with blackjack and roulette wheels. The casino currently features a Caribbean theme, with its Margaritaville Casino covering 15,000 square feet.

In total there are around 220 slot machines, 22 gambling tables and the fabulous 5 O'clock Somewhere Bar in its centre, which has everyone enjoying the relaxed feel of the islands!

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Mandalay Bay resort and Casino is the second largest in Las Vegas, featuring 122 gaming tables, a 17-screen race and sports area that comfortably seats 300 people and over 2,400 video poker and slot machines. There is something for everyone in this spectacular casino.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Comprising four separate (themed) gaming areas and with over 3,700 video poker and slot machines, the MGM Grand hotel and casino is the world's largest entertainment complex designed for gambling. 15 craps tables and 76 blackjack tables are among the highlights of this casino. It is rumoured that in order to stock enough cash in the casino when it first opened, it took two full days to deliver the money via 39 armoured cars!

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas casino certainly tries to replicate the city of Paris in France by having a 50-storey replica of the Eiffel Tower in its casino, along with accompanying ddcor designed to reflect Parisian streets. 100 gaming tables are available, alongside 2,000+ slot and poker machines.

Monte Carlo

Here is another casino that aims to replicate the 'look', this time by emulating Monaco's Place du Casino. The owners certainly succeeded in the task, making this a very comfortable casino with plush seating for the high-rollers. The casino includes dozens of blackjack tables and 2,000+ video poker and slot machines, rounded off with 10 roulette wheels.


The Bellagio boasts a luxury poker room that is suitable for high-class playing. Semi-secluded tables allow their clients to indulge discreetly in blackjack roulette, along with other favourites such as craps. High-value machines make for gambling fun.

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