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Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney 'Fighting Like Cats And Dogs' Over Having Babies

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Are Lady Gaga and her fiancé Taylor Kinney on the verge of breaking up?

The "American Horror Story: Hotel" star and Kinney have reportedly been arguing and fighting nonstop since getting engaged on Valentines Day. And most of their feuds have to do with having kids.

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An insider close to the couple claimed to Hollywood Life that Gaga has expressed her desire to be a mother, but it seems her fiance doesn't think they are ready for children yet.

"Gaga and Taylor just got engaged but they have been fighting like cats and dogs. If anything it seems like the engagement made things more tense in their relationship," the insider told the outlet.

"They are both very committed to work and extremely busy, which worries Gaga. She has realized more and more she is ready to have kids and wants them to make time for that," the source added.

However, Kinney doesn't think either of them can really commit to raising a child at the moment because of their busy schedules.

"But Taylor doesn't think he or she are ready for kids yet. They are both still in the prime of their careers and have too much going on. Gaga is always working going one hundred miles an hour. He really doesn't think Gaga is ready for the commitment to be a mom yet," the insider revealed to the tabloid.

Gaga can't deny that her fiance does have a point. She's been busy these days working on her music as well as filming for her new starring role in Ryan Murphy's highly anticipated "American Horror Story: Hotel."

Murphy, 49, opened up about Gaga's casting in an interview last month, in which he also revealed that the "Bad Romance" hit maker's role will "shock" everyone.

"I haven't seen her [acting] yet. But she studied acting and I think in many ways that's what she wanted to do first," the Primetime Emmy-winning director told Entertainment Tonight. "I think she's been looking for some outlet to really dig in there and create a character. I guarantee the role will shock people. What's she's playing."

Her role in the fifth installment of the series has yet to be revealed but fans of the singer are already looking forward to seeing her on the small screen.

Catch Lady Gaga in "American Horror Story: Hotel" when the show premieres on FX this October.

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